Sunday, March 1, 2009

No tree house, but a fort is a possibility

We are lucky enough to have a small house with a little patch of grass -- ok, weeds cut very short-- in the front, and a tiny garden in the back. My big boy, 4 1/2, has always enjoyed hunting for bugs and worms in the earth, and it has long been a requested outdoor event. We have recently spent some time in parks with real "woods" to play in. And have been to a few homes with real back yards to romp in.

It's reality time: we have no yard to play in.

Now, there are many other things that I could worry about, and do. But, sometimes I allow myself to sweat the small things. And this is a small thing, but a real gripe for some about living in a city. "Don't you want them to have a yard?" I have been asked, and have asked myself more than once.

There will never be a tree house. And that's ok-- I didn't have one growing up in the suburbs, either. And, eventually, I would have to rip it down to prevent it being a possible place to be up to no-good once the kids got old enough to figure that out.

I will get over myself. I chose to live in a city, and will make sure that my kids get to enjoy all the cool things about it. We've been collecting big sticks whenever we see them-- those that have fallen from street trees on our block, in the park, from the backyards of friends.

This year, I'll move a garden in the back because we need some room for fort building.

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